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Primary Purpose

Business Development Managers (BDM)'s are assigned to specific manufacturers, and are their primary contact. The BDM's are responsible for the overall performance and political issues associated with these lines. The primary goal of the BDM is to work with and attain goals of KeyImpact and their client/manufacturer.

BDM's are expected to work closely with the outside sales team, the Business Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Marketing, their Regional, and other employees of the Principal to meet the objectives of KeyImpact and the Principal.

BDM's are expected to be in the field as needed with the KeyImpact sales team to train, work with and support major operator and distributor presentations. The BDM is the manufacturers recognized expert for the KeyImpact sales team and our customers.

It is the responsibility of the BDM to see that all major opportunities with both the distributor and the operator are being pursued.


(This list may not include all the duties assigned)

Principal Interaction

    1. Develop a strong bond with not only the regional, but all levels of the Principal's organization.
    2. Develop, execute, and monitor the sales plan in accordance with the Principal's expectations.
    3. If the Principal offers a bonus plan for KeyImpact, strive to achieve the maximum viable payment.
    4. Interact directly with the Principal to create and execute promotion activity in the market.
    5. Update Principal on competitive information, both distributor and operator, on a regular basis.
    6. Supply the Principal with market updates.
    7. Review and help determine quotas set by Principals.
    8. Work with the Principal to capitalize on opportunities and resolve problems.

Distributor Interaction

    1. Assist with major presentations when appropriate.
    2. Participate at major distributor sales meetings when appropriate.

Operator Interaction

    1. Ensure all volume opportunities are pursued with A and B operators.
    2. Customize programs for major operators when appropriate.
    3. Conduct product line presentations with major operators when appropriate.

Sales Staff

    1. Be an approachable and supportive resource to the sales team.
    2. Train and review the line on an ongoing basis and conduct competitive cuttings.
    3. Enhance product knowledge; be reactive to the needs of the market and sales force.
    4. Supervise activity against objectives and review problem areas with Region Directors.
    5. Set and review objectives and performance against them.

New Products

    1. Evaluate all new products and outline approach to the market, prior to presenting to sales.
    2. Ensure that all information and product knowledge is given to the sales, administrative and customer service staff.
    3. Track success/failure on the items and report to principal.

Market Visits

    1. Work with Region Director to ensure complete coordination of all market visits and itineraries of Principal representative.
    2. All requests for market visits should be communicated through the Region Director responsible for that market, as opposed to directly with the sales reps.
    3. Evaluate work and establish the Principal's objectives, i.e., where they would like to go, distributor and operator calls. This should be done with input from the Market Director.


    1. Communicate and maintain an overview of the line on an ongoing basis with the Region Directors.
    2. Prepare and submit to the Region Director a brief monthly synopsis of pertinent line activity noting successes, concerns and new product activity. Share this information with the Business Coordinator. Report this information to the President no later than the 21st of each month.
    3. Review all reports and rank sales on performance against objectives.

Business Coordinator

    1. Train the Business Coordinator on the line being sure to include all relative programs, MDF funds, Reports, Negotiations, Product Training and Roll Outs.
    2. Meet with the Business Coordinator as needed to ensure you both are up to date on all line activity, and review objectives.
    3. Review all promotions and price changes with the Business Coordinator and advise both the Business Coordinator and Customer Service Representative of appropriate action to be taken, i.e., bulletins, phone calls.
    4. Work with the Business Coordinator to ensure that all pertinent information is forwarded to the sales staff and customers on a timely basis.
    5. Develop and enhance the team concept with the BC.
    6. Ensure good communication; copy on all appropriate voice mail/e-mail messages, update/inform BC on all line happenings.


  1. Identify and define localized marketing opportunities with the Region Director.
  2. Initiate projects with the Marketing department at KeyImpact.
  3. Work with KeyImpact Marketing Department and the sales team to develop menu concepts to effectively drive the product line.
  4. Review and approve all marketing projects on your line.
  5. Perform additional duties as required.

Basic Position Requirements


Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Ability to work independently with little supervision, to prioritize/plan your schedule. Able to multi-task and organize a wide range of information. Good decision, negotiation, and analytical skills. Maintain high level of professionalism. Negotiation skills to optimize opportunities with clients, distributor, and sales teams. Creative thinking and able to think out of the box to enhance business opportunities. Interpersonal skills to build strong relationships. Excellent presentation skills. Culinary/display skills to present product professionally and make attractive to public. Must exhibit common sense in the ability to make the right choices in a variety of situations.


Prefer college degree in business or related field or equivalent experience. Must have over 3 years of previous sales experience. 0- 3 years experience in BDM role. Mange commission dollars under $250K. Strong knowledge of brokerage business and relationship to Principals and overall business. Experience with Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Outlook.

Training Required

Product and sales training

Supervisory Responsibilities


Working Conditions

Frequent on the road driving; highly concentrated mental and visual alertness. Major portion of the day is spent talking either in-person or by telephone dealing with customer service issues. Frequent up/down motion to perform duties. Moderate typing, calculating or otherwise working with fingers. Visual acuity. Ability to hear and received detailed information.


Calculator, iPad, personal computer, telephone, fax, and copier. Must have some form of reliable transportation to get to and from accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: KeyImpact Sales & Systems Inc, reserves the right to change, modify or add to the duties and essential functions at any time.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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